Making a DVD play on your iRiver PMP
  1. Install DVDx. Version used in this tutorial: 2.3
  2. Insert the DVD to be ripped.
  3. Goto File>>DVD root, then find the DVD root (VIDEO_TS).
    Point to the Video_TS folder on your DVD
  4. Select the part you want to extract. If you want to extract the movie, extract the longest one. The other titles/programs are the extra features of the DVD
    Select Video
  5. Now, Select the audio tracks, subtitles, etc. you want. Make sure you have Audio/Visual sync checked, otherwise the sound can drift away from the video.
    Make sure Aud/Vid is checked
  6. Click on output settings
    Click on the film icon
  7. Now, change the resolution to 480x320, set the volume size to infinite, click Whole, and make sure under AVI Specific, DivX is selected as the encoder.
  8. Set the destination for the converted video.
  9. Now for the final step, hit Encode! (last red button>
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