Skinning the PMP-1xx

Items Needed:

  1. PMPmod (No updates since March 1, 2006)
  2. Photoshop / "Paint" / The GIMP (1x)
  3. iRiver PMP-1xx with version 2.04 firmware. (1x) [You should be able to read text files]
  4. Spare Time (hrs)
Editing the current skin (Getting started)
  1. Plug in your PMP
  2. Start PMPmod
  3. Goto File>>New
  4. In the status bar it should say "PMP Found" and display the location of the PMP
  5. Now go Export>>All images. This step can take some time. Wait until the status bar says "Done." before continuing
  6. Look for a folder called Export in the same folder as the program.
  7. Edit any images you want. Make sure you dont resize them. Also, you are limited to 256 colors, so gradients will look bad. Changing the pallete is not supported at this time because several images share the same pallete, making things tricky.
  8. Rename 'export' to 'skin'
  9. If you are happy with your pictures, you can click on Export>>To Firmware to copy your skin to your PMP
  10. Unplug your PMP and turn it off/on.
Congrats!! You have skinned a PMP-1xx!

Releasing your skin
  1. Just place your skin folder in a .zip file
  2. Place it on a webserver for all to see. (Need a host? email it to me, or get a Forum account and post it there)
Congrats!! You have made a skin for others to enjoy!

Opening a Released skin
  1. Start PMPmod
  2. Plug in your PMP
  3. Goto File>>Open Skin
  4. Goto Export>>To Firmware to copy your skin to your PMP
  5. Unplug your PMP and turn it off/on.
Congrats!! You have skinned a PMP-1xx with a released skin!
  1. Q: My all my colors are weird.
    A: You converted you image to True Color, keep the images at 8bit or Indexed color.
  2. Q: Eek! Some images are scrambled!!!
    Corrupted screen
    A: You resized the images. If you are a brave soul, you can resize them as long as you keep the number of pixels the same. IE: 11(h)x30(w)=330 can become 30(h)x11(w)=330
  3. Q: PMPMod did not include one or more of my pictures in the skin
    A: PMPMod now ignores most/all images that do not have the same number of pixels as the original image.

Legal stuff™ : I am in no way resposible for anything that happens or does not happen.

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