Breaking out the serial port on the PMP-100

Items Needed:

  1. Small flat-blade screwdriver (1x)
  2. Small phillips head screwdriver (1x)
  3. Iriver PMP-1xx (1x)
  4. Cloth/napkin/towel (1x)
  5. Soldering Iron (1x)
  6. Wire (150mm, not solid-core)
  7. RS232 volatage converter (Max232) [Get a prebuilt one here]
  1. Disassemble your PMP
  2. Solder wires to the marked locations on the PMP. If you need a 3.3v source(VCC on the sparkfun adapter), find the pin labeled VCC_3.3, or something to that affect.
    Wire hookup diagram
  3. Knock out the landyard attachment point (the "Crome" silver thing in the bottom of the case) and run the wires out of the PMP via the new found hole
  4. Attach wires to your voltage converter
  5. Set Hyperterminal(windows) or Minicom(linux) to 115200 baud, no flow control.
  6. Hold down "Enter" on your keyboard
  7. Power up the PMP

Helpful commands

(Requires that you be in command line mode (menu option 5)

Notes: To send files to the PMP, you must dump the file to the PMP after typing the command. The PMP does not use any protocol for sending files to it. The files must be in the rrbin format.