Boot failure guide

  1. Make sure your PMP is FAT32 formated. (to check, goto My computer, then right click on your PMP, click properties. Under filesystem it should say FAT or FAT32)
  2. Write down what firmware version you are using.
  3. Download the correct iRiverSys folder:
    Download Mirrors:
    Version 1.12-13
    Version 1.17
    Version 1.24
    Version 1.25
    Version 2.03
    Version 2.04
  4. Extract the file onto your PMP. Replace if prompted.
  5. Turn your PMP off/on, this should've fixed your PMP


Q: I've downloaded the correct firmware, made sure the player is FAT32 formated, etc. But it still goes strait to the boot failure screen
A: Turn the PMP off. Then turn it back on.
Q: I've downloaded the correct firmware, but I cant open "send.php", as its not a zipped file
A: The links on this page are not direct links to the firmaware. You need to navigate to the page, which then has a direct link to the firmware.