Minecraft minecart resetable boosters

The omidirectional self reseting minecart booster (or a good replacement for the powered minecart)

How it works

Your minecart comming into the booster "rides/bounces" off the first booster cart until it bounces off the other booster cart. You go speeding off with quite a bit of momentum, while the minecart you boosted off of bounces off the other minecart and returns to its start position, ready to boost you again

Items Needed

  1. Track (12x)
  2. Minecart (2x)
  3. Strait section of track (5 squares)
  4. Torches (2x) [Optional, but recomended]


  1. Clear out a 7x2 space where you want the booster.
    Cleared area
  2. At the ends lay down 1 square of material. You can replace the material for the main track with turns if you want a different configuration
    Cleared area
  3. Lay down the main track
    Booster with main track layed
  4. Lay down the booster track
    Booster with booster track layed
  5. Add the 1 minecart to each end of the booster track
    Booster with minecarts
  6. Add torches to prevent mobs from spawning on or around the booster, as mobs getting in the booster part can effect the performance of the booster, and hurt you.
  7. Enjoy your completed booster

Completed Booster:
Completed Minecart resetable booster